When a beloved family member or friend passes away there are two things that we must do... not only reflect and remember that person's life, but also celebrate their journey. This is what a funeral service can offer – the opportunity to treasure and celebrate the memories, milestones and achievements of someone you hold dear to your heart.

As a trained and experienced celebrant I can help you through this difficult time and assist with the following for the funeral service:

- structure, writing and creation

- music

- readings and poems

- rituals and symbols (candle-lighting, dove/butterfly/balloon release etc)

- reflections (audiovisual, photo boards)

- writing the eulogy

Please call me on 0404566077 to discuss and I'll start helping you straight away. I promise to create a personal, meaningful and memorable service.


My first funeral happened to be my Grandma's. I had only just finished my training and while I wasn't sure if I was ready, I knew that she wouldn't have wanted anyone else to officiate the service. It was extremely challenging, especially working with my own family during such a painful time, but I was so glad I did the service. Not just for my Grandma, but for my family. She was 95 years old and we celebrated what had been a wonderful life filled with many achievements, grandchildren and great-grandchildren! After the service I felt so satisfied that we had given her such a personal send-off. I want to give what I gave to my Grandma and my family to other families during their time of need.

I have worked with Perth's leading funeral homes including Purslowe & Chipper Funerals, Bowra & O'Dea, Seasons, Simplicity Funerals, Christian Funerals and Prosser Scott & Coy.


I am a member of Funeral Celebrants Association Australia.