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Aside from offering the 'traditional' wedding ceremony, I also provide 'registry-style' weddings. These ceremonies are similar to what you receive at the WA Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages; however, I can provide these at any time of the day and week, and at any location. These ceremonies include the minimum legal requirements to get married here in Australia. The process has two stages:

An initial meeting to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (at least one month prior to the wedding date) where you show me certain ID documents (and any applicable divorce or death certificates). The booking fee is paid at this meeting. 

The wedding ceremony where we fulfil the legal requirements (I say the Monitum - the definition of marriage in Australia, you say your legal wedding vows to each other and we sign your three wedding certificates with two witnesses who are both over 18 years old). Prior to the ceremony on the day we will also sign a Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage. The balance of the payment is paid prior to the ceremony. 

Note in the wedding ceremony there is the complimentary option to say personal vows and also include a ring exchange. I will provide samples of vows and ring exchange verses.

The cost of this is $550 at my home office in Alfred Cove. If you would like to hold the ceremony elsewhere there is a $50 charge for travel within Perth metro. Anywhere outside of Perth metro may incur additional costs. 

Please note that this fee is for a legals only 'registry-style' ceremony and subject to my availability. There is no personalisation, guest involvement or PA system provided. Generally, only your two witnesses are permitted; however, if there are a few extra guests this can be discussed. 

These ceremonies are perfect for those couples perhaps holding a ceremony overseas and wish to do the legal paperwork here in Australia, for those who would like to marry privately and intimately (whatever the reason), for those considering Visa arrangements or those who just simply want to get married without any fuss! It is a simple, low cost and stress-free ceremony!  

Please contact me to discuss further! 

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