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How long have I been a celebrant?
I became a celebrant in 2008 in Melbourne, then moved back to my hometown of Perth in 2015. I am fortunate enough to be a full-time celebrant which hopefully gives you the confidence that you are entrusting your ceremony with someone who is 100% dedicated to and involved in the Perth wedding industry. I live and breathe weddings!

What can I offer you?
I feel like I have gained an exceptional attention to detail, reputation and ability to coordinate the most seamless and professional ceremonies. From guiding you through every part of the ceremony, to making sure everyone can hear you say your vows, being out of as many photos as possible and helping you with your nerves on the day, there are so many parts to the ceremony where I will make sure it’s covered. Please simply trust that I have your back. Because I do. I am also known for my sincerity – I genuinely
wish my couples all the happiness in the world. When I look back at my reviews the following are the most reoccurring comments: light-hearted | personal | easy | organised | stress-free | natural

What ‘type’ of ceremonies do I perform?
This is influenced by what you are looking for but most of the time, I provide personal ceremonies which usually go for about 20-25 minutes. By personal, I mean I like to get to know and talk about my couples during the ceremony so that everyone feels like there at YOUR wedding ceremony and it’s not generic and boring. I keep it light-hearted with some humour and a few laughs so it sets the atmosphere for you and your guests to have a great celebration.

What is my ultimate goal with each and every wedding?
To make it a stress-free and simple process for you both. I promise I will be the easiest yet most organised part of your wedding!

How many meetings do we have?
Usually two. One to start the legal paperwork and to discuss the ceremony process. Then secondly, usually a week before the wedding. But that said, I am more than happy to meet more times if required. Majority of our planning happens back and forth via email. Most couples do book me at the first meeting for they have already seen my reviews and previous videos and photos across my website and social media channels; however, you are most welcome to take some time after our first meeting to think about it!

How do we write the ceremony?
After our first meeting I will send you a detailed yet clear wedding ceremony info pack. You will need to complete two ceremony and one individual personal questionnaires. My pack includes everything you need to complete the questionnaires (samples of readings, vows, music etc). I ask you to return the questionnaires to me about three months prior to your ceremony then I will write your ceremony and send it to you for review. At our final meeting, we will confirm and discuss all ceremony details.

How do we start the legal paperwork?
It commences with us completing the Notice of Intended Marriage. If you are not located in Perth, this form can be completed independently and sent to me. I will explain this in further detail. All you need to show me are certain ID documents. Usually passports and if accessible, birth certificates. If you don’t have a passport, you can show me your driver’s license along with your birth certificate. And any applicable divorce or death certificates, if previously married.

Do I provide a PA system?
Yes and it plays music which you are welcome to use for your ceremony. My PA system will play any device with a jack input (phone, iPod or iPad). You simply download your ceremony music onto the device and bring the device on the wedding day! Simple!

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